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Relax, Enjoy …the Treat’s on Me

If you think you might have what I’m looking for, a new product idea in the consumer field that holds out the promise of high volume sales, I urge you to let me see it. I may be in a position to make it extremely profitable for you. I have the clients and I have the contacts who are happy to pay out substantial advances and generous royalty percentages for products that can make them a profit – and I like helping inventors launch their new inventions and new product ideas.

Why wouldn’t they? These manufacturers aren’t crazy. If they’re making money from your idea, they’re quite willing to cut you in for a share. If you’ve got the right product, I’ll get the right deal. That’s my business.

Let me be perfectly clear. There are no loopholes.

You will be asked to pay a small compensation fee for my time in studying your idea and making written recommendations (see the BENEFITS page for full details). Beyond that, I pay everything, and you pay nothing. If you have the kind of product my clients and contacts are looking for, I’ll pay all the marketing and sales costs to bring it to their attention: drawings, re-designs, prototypes, photography, videos, presentation material, travel, the works.

I don’t do things by mail: These are all face-to-face presentations.

If I bring back a deal, I’ll refund the fee, you’ll get 60% and I’ll get 40% on the first $100,000 in yearly royalties (beyond that you get 80%).

If I don’t get us a deal, I’ll bear the loss.

That’s not as tragic as it sounds. I’m not in this to lose money. First of all, I know a good product when I see one, and secondly, I know my customers, so I rarely miss once I start something. Nevertheless, whether I succeed or fail, you continue to own the product concept. I’m only your agent. No licensing, manufacturing or joint venture deal will be struck without your express approval.

It took me no more than half an hour to dream up Santa’s Reindogs, those funny little deer antlers that people put on their pets every Christmas. That was a few years ago and so far almost 2 million have been sold. I get 21 cents royalty each time someone makes a purchase, so if you bother to do the math, you’ll see it was a very profitable few minutes.

“I don’t like money, but it sure quiets my nerves.”

— Joe Louis, former heavyweight champion

Companies happily pay out millions every day to ordinary people who bring them profitable ideas. In our trendy, rapidly moving society, new products are being devoured at an ever-increasing rate. Most of the items on retailers’ shelves today didn’t even exist a few short years ago. New technologies destroy and create whole new product categories in a single gulp, while our fast changing lifestyle makes products obsolete in a heartbeat. Every old product must be replaced by a new one, and companies know if they don’t grow, they’ll die. If your idea fits into their established business, and if it will make them a profit, every company president I know will be more than happy to shove some of the wealth your way.

There’s only one catch …

Running with the Big Dogs

If you want to get in the game, you have to know the rules, you need to have contacts, and you have to understand how the system works. I do. I wrote the book on how it’s done. Over the years I’ve licensed more than 100 of my own products (not to mention others) to companies large and small who know and trust me. Their demand for more and more products is insatiable, but my little team and I can just do so much….and that’s the reason for this unusual offer. I don’t need your money, I need your creativity.

To be honest, it’s cheaper for me to partner with you than it would be to build up a big inside design staff. I run a lean, mean operation and intend to continue doing so. The last time I had a lot of employees (more than a hundred) I almost went broke, so I’m not going to do that again. That’s why I’d rather share the royalties if you can supply the kind of product idea my clients are looking for. I’m sure I can make it worth your while. My offer really is as good as it sounds.

SORRY: Technocrats, Engineering Giants, Bio-Physicists, Scientific Geniuses, Computer Gurus (or your ilk) need not apply.

It’s not that I place no value on your idea, it’s just that, to be honest, probably none of us here will understand it, and I definitely don’t have the contacts to do you any good. Sorry, but why waste your time?

Invention submission companies claim to be experts on every conceivable type of product, just so you have the money to pay for their services. I’m not. I know what I know, and I don’t kid myself about what I don’t. Show me an interesting consumer product idea and we’ll go to town. Otherwise, I’m afraid I can’t help. Please understand. I can only afford to spend time on product ideas I understand, and on projects I can turn into profit.

Here are just a few e-mails from clients that shows what I mean:

"Thanks for the big check! And thanks for all your help and fine work. I believe it has been my good fortune to come upon such a professional and capable partner as you. May this licensing agreement serve as a foundation for a prosperous and innovative partnership in the future. "
- M.A., Scotts Valley, CA
"I have been meaning to contact you to congratulate, and thank you, for getting a licensing agreement for my product. I am, to say the least extremly happy. I am looking foward to submiting other product ideas to you - I think that you may like them! Your reputation is well earned!"
"...your evaluation shows me that you are a man of integrity and honesty. That is very refreshing to find. I plan on pursuing my ideas with new vigor in the direction you have suggested. Thank you."
- R.D., Willingboro, NC
"Getting an idea should be like sitting on a tack. It should make you jump up and want to do something."
-- E.L. Simpson
"Successful people are successful because they do things that failures don't like to do."
-- Albert Grey
"There is no adequate defense, save stupidity, against the impact of a new idea."
-- E.L. Bridgeman
"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt