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“The cowards won’t start and the weak will die along the trail.”
— Kit Carson, referring to the pioneers’ great trek westward.

The Cowards Who Won’t Start

Everyone gets new product ideas; some are silly and some are brilliant. The one common denominator is that almost no one who thinks up these ideas does anything about it. Then, some time later, when they see “their idea” on the market, they have slacker’s remorse and want to kick themselves for allowing a golden opportunity to slip through their fingers. These are the non-starters. Get in the wagons and wave good bye. We’re moving on.

The Weak Who Die Along the Trail

These are the people who get an idea and immediately rush to a patent attorney or an invention submission company, then they sit back, waiting for lightning to strike. We might as well get out the shovels and the Bible; these folks are goners for sure.

Alarmingly, only 3% of all patents issued are ever commercialized. Of course many of the ideas aren’t very good to begin with, but the larger reason is that the inventors haven’t a clue about how to get someone interested in their concepts. Either an invention company buzzard picks them clean, or else the inventor sends a “Dear Sir or Madam” letter to a list of manufacturers and waits to sort through the offers. Sadly, we have to bury these poor souls on the trail and move on.


At our own cost, we redesign your rough sketches and create professional, compelling presentation material.

If prototypes are needed, we create them in our own shop at our own expense.

The Brave and the Strong (You?)

Congratulations! You’ve reached the promised land, and now you have two choices; you can use your idea as the basis for starting a business, or you can turn it over to an already established company and collect royalties for it.

If you start your own business, and if you’re successful, you might make a lot of money.

Keep in mind, however, that most businesses fail by the third year, and if that happens to you, you’ll probably find yourself in serious debt. Your home, your car and your money were undoubtedly pledged for loans, and they now belong to the bank. I was there myself, early in my career, and believe me … it’s not an experience you’ll ever be able to forget.

If you decide to license your idea, again you have two choices. You can do it yourself, or try to find someone like me who’s willing to do it for you.

If you do it yourself, and if you’re successful, you can make a lot of money. There are some highly successful people with the aggressiveness, the zeal, the time and the funds to do it themselves. If you fit that description, I urge you to take a crack at it. However, airfares aren’t cheap, and you may have to quit your job to give you the time to fly around the country. And if you don’t have contacts or a track record, it’s quite difficult to get in to see the executive who can say “yes.” They don’t like to deal with amateurs. You’ll spend your time and money on gatekeepers, probably with unhappy results.

The other choice is simple. I’m the man still standing. You don’t risk your money and you don’t quit your job. You have the advantage of my expertise, my contacts, and my assuming all the marketing expenses. You could do a lot worse. Think of what you might lose if you don’t let me take a look at your idea. Think of what you might gain if you do. After all, offering invention marketing services to new inventors is what we’re all about.

“Thanks for your website. It’s very hard for small inventors like us to find a person like you.”
J.D. Bryn Mawr, PA

“I’m so glad I found your website! It’s nice to find someone willing to work with people who aren’t rich… yet!”
R.L.M. Oak Ridge, TN

Here are just a few e-mails from clients that shows what I mean:

"Thanks for the big check! And thanks for all your help and fine work. I believe it has been my good fortune to come upon such a professional and capable partner as you. May this licensing agreement serve as a foundation for a prosperous and innovative partnership in the future. "
- M.A., Scotts Valley, CA
"I have been meaning to contact you to congratulate, and thank you, for getting a licensing agreement for my product. I am, to say the least extremly happy. I am looking foward to submiting other product ideas to you - I think that you may like them! Your reputation is well earned!"
"...your evaluation shows me that you are a man of integrity and honesty. That is very refreshing to find. I plan on pursuing my ideas with new vigor in the direction you have suggested. Thank you."
- R.D., Willingboro, NC
"Getting an idea should be like sitting on a tack. It should make you jump up and want to do something."
-- E.L. Simpson
"Successful people are successful because they do things that failures don't like to do."
-- Albert Grey
"There is no adequate defense, save stupidity, against the impact of a new idea."
-- E.L. Bridgeman
"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt