Everything You Need to Know To Turn a Simple Idea into a Million Dollar Payday

How to License Your Million Dollar Idea: 2nd Edition. by Harvey Reese

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Nationally acclaimed as one of the best books ever written on the subject of product licensing, the new edition is totally revised and updated, including my proven step-by-step process for formulating a blockbuster idea, researching its patentability, obtaining patents, preparing the presentation, finding prospects and making the deal.

Not only will you learn the nuts-and-bolts of the licensing process, you'll learn the secrets of my C.R.A.S.H. Licensing Course and how the pros can close one big money deal after another. Others do it every day - why not you?

Discover the fool-proof system for dreaming up great product ideas that manufacturers will happily pay you for.
Learn the iron-clad ways to protect your idea - often without the expense of patents and attorneys.
Clip and save the can't-miss telephone script for avoiding the little guys and getting the appointment with the person who can say "Yes!"
See my checklist for how to prepare for the meeting, how to make the presentation, how to answer questions and how to leave the meeting with a smile on your face, a contract and a check in your pocket.
Close the deal by using my exclusive licensing agreement. It's the same one I've used to license more than 100 of my own new product ideas and it'll get you all the rights and profits you're entitled to.
Read my suggestions for using the Internet... use the forms, agreements and checklists included in the Appendix... read actual stories about regular folks hitting it big with simple commercial ideas,,, and see my final thoughts and suggestions for making your own licensing dream a beautiful reality.
The book that will set you free!
At last - the book that will set you free!

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