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Who I am

Don’t let this picture of me fool you. We’re interested in all sorts of consumer products; not just toys.

and How I Do What I Do

“There are some good books available to educate yourself about the process of bringing a new product to market. Harvey Reese’s “How To License Your Million Dollar Idea”
(John Wiley & Sons) is a good place to start.”
Wall Street Journal


I’m the guy who writes the books that inventors read to learn how to cash in on their million dollar ideas.

My two latest are The 12 Amazing Secrets of Millionaire Inventors , which shows the inventor all of his options when he’s struck with a great idea, and How to License Your Million Dollar Idea which is designed to help the inventor who has already decided on the licensing option.

You’ll find them in every bookstore and of course online.

studentsAs the former president of several manufacturing, importing and distribution companies, I’m on a first name basis with scores of entrepreneurs and decision makers. I know the kind of products they’re looking for, and have licensed more than 100 of my own ideas to them over the years. If I don’t know how to connect great new inventions to great companies, who does?

As a former long-time visiting teacher of product design and marketing at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, I keep in touch with many of my former students. Not only does this keep me current on youthful trends, but it gives me access to some of the finest illustrators, designers and model makers on the east coast.

magazinesYou might have also heard me on your local radio talk show where I’m a frequent guest to answer callers who have questions about their product ideas and what to do next.I also write lots of articles for Inventor’s Digest, most of which you can read for free by clicking here


Something good only happens when you go out and work at it. That means spending the money to create a persuasive, professional presentation, then calling the president of the company you want to deal with, making a date, then hopping on a plane to present it to him, face to face. That’s the only way deals happen. I don’t know any shortcuts. As Gary Player, the great golfer, once said, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

The secret of our success is simple; my team and I go out and make deals, period. We don’t just sit back and wait for a letter that never comes or a phone that doesn’t ring. The invention submission companies aren’t ashamed to charge a fortune to include a picture of your product in junk mailings that manufacturing executives laugh at and toss away. The companies don’t care, they already have your money. Just for fun, ask one of these invention companies how many licensing deals they actually get for their thousands of clients … and try to keep a straight face while they gasp and sputter.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of stories where regular people with simple but commercially viable ideas have made more money than they ever dreamed possible. I assure you, you don’t have to be a genius. All you need to do is create a commercially valid product concept, and find a professional like me to get it in front of the right person. If your product idea fits that description, I know of lots of wonderful companies around the world who’d love to make you rich.

Incidentally, many of the world’s best selling products (Post It Notes, Band-Aids, Coca Cola, etc.) aren’t patented, so don’t think you necessarily have to spend a fortune with a patent attorney to make your idea valuable. If you’ve already gotten a patent for your new product, fine. If not, I suggest you hold off until I’ve taken a look at it. Patenting your idea may be the perfect move in some instances, but many times you’ll be spending thousands of dollars for nothing. There are plenty of inexpensive protection steps that might serve you just as well. When I’ve seen your concept I’ll be able to tell you which way to go.


After years of saying “no, no, no,” I have only recently begun to act as a licensing agent for the works of other inventors and idea people. However, I’ve been licensing my own creations for many years, written a few books on the subject, and I lecture and teach licensing, product design and development at a nationally known art school. I’m not sure how many products I’ve licensed (certainly more than 100 ), and here are a few companies I’ve dealt with and a few of the areas in which I’m active :

  • Christmas decorations and Halloween products for Glorieux Industrial, Hong Kong
  • Luggage and travel bag products for Intertrade Corp., Taiwan
  • Lawn ornaments and summer products for Stone City Mfg. Corp.
  • Gifts, novelties and home furnishings for many giftware and housewares companies
  • Toy products for a variety of toy companies
  • Juvenile textile products for Springs Industries
  • Juvenile textile products for The Bibb Corporation
  • Juvenile accessories for Overly Raker
  • Pet accessories for Compass Marketing Corporation
  • Stationery/office products for Eberhardt-Faber Industries, etc.
  • Back-to-school products for Freelance Corporation, Pen-Tech, etc.
  • Decorative accessories for CDP Corporation and others
  • Furniture products for Valley Craftsmen Company plus many more
  • Seasonal products for Everstar Merchandise Company, Hong Kong, etc.
  • Book accessories for Bound For Fun
  • Collector products for Flambro Industries

This list is far from complete and is only intended to illustrate our ability to function successfully in a wide variety of consumer product industries.

“Harvey: Just a note to let you know I am a big fan of yours. I read your book a few years back, followed your process and have had great success in last couple of years. I have presented about a dozen concepts and have licensed three. One has been on the market for two years, second one will be in Walmart in 3 months, and the third is in the manufacturers’ R and D. I was excited to come across your website and find out you will act as an agent. I’ve found that the contacts in the industry has been my biggest hurdle. Also, limited time since I can’t afford to quit my day job yet. Since I have no shortage of ideas, I’m hoping you can help on the licensing end.”
J.S., Springfield, MO

Here are just a few e-mails from clients that shows what I mean:

"Thanks for the big check! And thanks for all your help and fine work. I believe it has been my good fortune to come upon such a professional and capable partner as you. May this licensing agreement serve as a foundation for a prosperous and innovative partnership in the future. "
- M.A., Scotts Valley, CA
"I have been meaning to contact you to congratulate, and thank you, for getting a licensing agreement for my product. I am, to say the least extremly happy. I am looking foward to submiting other product ideas to you - I think that you may like them! Your reputation is well earned!"
"...your evaluation shows me that you are a man of integrity and honesty. That is very refreshing to find. I plan on pursuing my ideas with new vigor in the direction you have suggested. Thank you."
- R.D., Willingboro, NC
"Getting an idea should be like sitting on a tack. It should make you jump up and want to do something."
-- E.L. Simpson
"Successful people are successful because they do things that failures don't like to do."
-- Albert Grey
"There is no adequate defense, save stupidity, against the impact of a new idea."
-- E.L. Bridgeman
"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt